In 2013 ACR Heritage members, volunteers, and professionals from Eachtra Archaeological Projects surveyed Magourney and Christchurch Graveyards in Coachford village. Kilcolman Graveyard was surveyed by ACR Heritage in 2014. The surveying of Aghabullogue Graveyard is now underway. Results for each graveyard have been posted to the Historic Graves website (see links below), forming a valuable genealogical resource for those wishing to research local roots. We would be delighted to hear from anyone possessing additional information, which they think might be of benefit.

The following maps contain placemarks indicating the position of memorials in each graveyard. The placemarks contain links to memorial entries on the Historic Graves website:

Magourney Graveyard Map

Christchurch Graveyard Map

Kilcolman Graveyard Map

Here are links to the Historic Graves website:

Magourney Graveyard

Christchurch Graveyard

Kilcolman Graveyard

Additional useful links:

Aghabullogue Parish Register: Marriages 1808-1843; Baptisms 1808-1877; Burials 1809-1879 (Church of Ireland) (Digital copy)

Aghabullogue Baptismal Register 1808-1877 (Church of Ireland) (Surnames A-Z)

Aghabullogue Marriage Register 1808-1843 (Church of Ireland) (Spreadsheet)

Aghabullogue Burial Register 1809-1879 (Church of Ireland) (Surnames A-Z)

Magourney Burial Register 1758-1876 (Church of Ireland) (Digital copy)

Magourney Burial Register 1758-1876 (Church of Ireland) (Surnames A-Z)