Coachford Historical Society (part 2)

Occasionally we are contacted by people on matters of local history, or they may be ‘researching their roots’. Useful information can sometimes be found within publications by Coachford Historical Society, or even those of its members. These are unfortunately now out of print, but can still be accessed at Cork County Library Reference and Local Studies, which is located at County Hall, Cork. Some of the publications can be read in local library branches, such as Macroom. It might even be possible to purchase some directly, by checking with local bookstores.

We intend to list the contents/details of these publications, in a number of blogs, but will still respect the authors’ copyright. It is for you, the reader, to source the relevant material, should you wish to explore it further.

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The Coachford Record, Vol 1 was published in 1990, and was the first of four ‘Records’. Contents are as follows:


A foreword and acknowledgements by editors Seamus O’Donoghue and Anthony Greene.

Mícheál O Murchú: An Gabha Gaelach

A short appreciation, and an image of Society member Mícheál O Murchú, who had previously passed away.

Eight Wonderful Years: The Coachford Memories of Canon Pat Sheehan

An account, taken in 1990, of Canon Sheehan’s recollection of his time in Coachford from 1946 to 1954. Topics include: Coachford Dramatic Society; Coachford Choir; rural electrification; a new graveyard; Coachford Vocational School; Coachford Fete; a Bachelor’s Club; Coachford race meetings. There are four images of Coachford Fete, one of a Bachelor’s Club Dance, and a 1954 race meeting poster.

Coachford Reminiscences (by Tom Fitzgerald)

An account by Fitzgerald of his trip to Coachford with Muintir na Tire founder Fr Hayes in 1950, concerning the local campaign for a vocational school.

Coachford Bachelors’ Club

A list of the club’s foundation rules (seventeen in total).

The Muskerry Railway (by Seamus O’Donoghue)

A seven page article on the Cork and Muskerry Light Railway. Topics dealt with include: the opening; route; Coachford station; the train and its passengers; business at Coachford station; a collision; the train in folklore; its decline and closure. There are also three sketches (the ‘CMLR Dripsey’ engine, the route, and a train and foxhunt at Leemount level crossing, Carrigrohane).

The Men of 1890 (by Jerry Buckley and Ted Long)

An article on the Aghabullogue G.A.A. All-Ireland Hurling winning team of 1890, together with an image of the team. Brief histories are given of team members Dan Lane (Captain); Jeremiah Hinchion; Jerus O’Sullivan; Jack Linehan; Paddy Riordan; Dan Sullivan; Patrick Buckley; Tommy Twomey; Thomas Good; Dinny Horgan; Ned O’Reilly; John Buckley; Tady Connors; John Kelleher; Michael Horgan; Timothy Kelleher; Dan Linehan; Dan Drew; Pat Riordan; Danny Looney; J. Reilly and Rev. Andrew O’Riordan C.C. (President).

Rickard O’Sullivan Burke (by Mícheál O Murchú)

This article by the late Mícheál O Murchú concentrates on Fenian Rickard O’Sullivan Burke, who is connected to various Coachford families. Topics include: Burke’s involvement and the fenian rising; Manchester rescue; Burke’s arrest and trial; the Clerkenwell explosion; Burke’s release and death. Images include Burke in uniform, a  memorial plaque in St James’s Clerkenwell, and his release letter dated 1871.

Reasonable Doubt: The Trial and Execution of Dr Philip Cross (by Anthony Greene)

A thirteen page article on the Dripsey Poisoning case of 1887. It deals with Philip and Mary Laura Cross and their family; retirement to Shandy Hall; Laura’s failing health and death; Effie Skinner and the inquest, trial and execution of Philip Cross. The article also contains sketches of Magourney rectory (since demolished) and old Magourney church.

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The Coachford Record, Vol 2 came a year later, in 1991. Contents include:

Aghabullogue – County Junior Hurling Champions 1991

An image of the winning team can be found on the inside cover.

Confirmation Class, Coachford Boys 1944 and Coachford Girls 1946

Images of these Clontead National School (Coachford) schoolchildren can be seen at the beginning of the publication.


Foreword and acknowledgements by editors Seamus O’Donoghue and Anthony Greene.

Pat Sheehan

Short appreciation, and an image of Society member Pat Sheehan, who passed away during the preceding year.

The Church of Ireland in Magourney Parish (by Anthony Greene)

A nineteen page article, concentrating on the Church of Ireland in Magourney. Topics include: pre-reformation; the new order; Aghabullogue; Magourney/Kilcolman – the eighteenth century; conversions; the new century; nineteenth century clergymen; from disestablishment to independence; the Synge dynasty; curates; protestant families; infant mortality 1840-1860; foundlings; acknowledgments.

Aghabullogue 1910

An image of the boys at Aghabullogue National School in 1910.

Aghabullogue – Mid Cork Champions, 1942

An image of the winning team.

Fr Finn’s Golden Jubilee

A short article on Fr John Finn, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of his ordination in 1991. Also included are an image of a young Fr Finn and his siblings, and another image of Fr Finn with classmates Fr Dan O’Mahony and Cardinal Cathal Daly.

An Outsider Remembers (by Sean Finn)

Topics covered by Finn include the campaign and opening of Coachford Vocational School, Coachford Choral Festival, and Coachford Choir.

Place Names of the Parish of Aghabullogue (by Mícheál O Murchú)

An article giving both the English and Irish versions of local place names and townlands in Aghabullogue parish, together with translations.

Coachford Fancy Dress – 1951

An image of some of the participants in this festival.

Coachford Boys’ Senior Group – 1941

Another image from Clontead National School, this time the older boys in 1941.

Children’s Games and Pastimes of Times Past (by Seamus O’Donoghue)

A twenty page article concentrating on children’s games of past and present, together with images. Listed are marbles (equipment, players, method, rules, vocabulary); other boys games (including fox, bowley and conkers); girls games (including ball against the wall; sally, sally, 123; hunt; robbers, robbers; nuts in may; sally, sally, water; colours; skipping; follow the leader; wallflowers, wallflowers; in and out goes doggie bluebells; burn the biscuit; O’Grady says; the farmer wants a wife). Also discussed are various other games and some rhymes.

Extracts from notes taken at an agricultural class eighty years ago

Extracts from the notes of the late Barry Murphy, taken at an agricultural science class in Coachford, during the early 1900s. It includes a reproduction of part of the notes.

The Creameries  – Part 1 (by Dan Twomey, Michael Cronin and Padraig O’Donoghue)

An article following a prior talk given to the Historical Society. Included is an image of a group at Aghabullogue Creamery, taken during the early 1920s.

Coachford School Hurling Team – 1932

An image of Clontead National School boys hurling team in 1932.

Dr Cross – Correction

Some brief corrections by Anthony Greene, regarding his prior article in the Coachford Record Vol 1. Also included is an image of Dr Philip Cross and Effie Skinner, June 1887.


(Other publications of the Society will be looked at in further blog posts).